L.A. Lakers Star Ron Artest Naked Photos Leaked.

L.A. Lakers basketball star Ron Artest had nude snaps leaked to the Internet Friday after allegedly texting sexy photos of himself to a female fan he met via Twitter.

Deadspin.com reports that the woman contacted the sports blog and submitted photos and transcripts of her conversation with Artest. She did not seek payment, according to Deadspin.

After a reporter called Artest to talk about the nude snaps, he was taken by surprise and denied he was on the phone, according to Deadspin, then took to Twitter to blast the woman and the media.

He wrote on Twitter:

Chic got media threaten me!! Media trying to get paid and her!! Whatever!!!

Girl said she got pics of me and going to media!! I could care less!! No money for you!! Stop having the media call my phone!!

Scare Tatics don’t work with Ron

Keep calling my phone girl! Tell media whatever!! You will not get one dime! Not even a penny!!

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