Lady GaGa's Aguilera makeover

Lady Gaga steps out looking extremely similar to singing rival Christina Aguilera.

For years we've applauded Gaga for her unique sense of style paying homage to everybody and their mother.

But with her bright red lips, pale face, fake eyelashes and poker straight long hair parted in the middle, she appears to have pinched Xtina's (greasy) stylist and make-up team.

The daring figure-hugging black dress is definitely something one would expect to find in Miss Aguilera's flawless wardrobe.

The star's new look was unveiled as Gaga left the posh Chateau Marmont in Hollywood for her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

Earlier, the singer had sent out bags of McDonalds takeouts to fans (feed them, ostracize them, sing about you care about them, laugh all the way to the bank)  — who she nicknames Little Monsters — who were waiting outside like the disgusting moist pigs they are.

She also wrote them a handwritten note which read: "Dear little monsters and other misunderstood minorities. Thank you for singing to me all day and night. I love you with all my heart. Don't forget to make a stop by my official store at

"You make everyday worth living, despite my lupus. Kisses to McDonalds for keeping you fat and unhealthy. Love Lady GaGa."


After appearing on Jimmy Kimmel GaGa, who had changed into a bra and tights combo, climbed a security wall to greet her fans.

Just another typical day.