Nikki Reed talks to People, tells rest to gtfo

SuniNikki Reed may not be a Twi-hard herself, but when it comes to her fiance, American Idol's Paul McDonald, the Twilight actress would go to any lengths.

"I've never camped out anywhere for anyone," the recently engaged actress, 23, told PEOPLE early Thursday morning while greeting fans – some of whom had camped out for days – at San Diego's Comic-Con. "But I can imagine I would camp out to go see my almost-husband anywhere, so maybe that's the kind of passion that they feel."

Reed's passion for McDonald, 26, runs so deep that in addition to becoming his intended, she's also become a volunteer marketing manager by contributing her own celebrity to his cause.

"I hand-printed flyers and signed my name on them [with] his real album name," she says. "And I stood outside [his concerts] for hours and passed out flyers to fans and said, 'If you want my autograph, here's what you have to do: Go look at his [album].' "

It's really no bother for Reed.

"He goes beyond American Idol because he's so talented," she gushes. "I know that the fans there are passionate, but they're passionate about the show and I want it to be about him because he deserves it."

Adds Reed: "He had three albums out before the show and no one on American Idol has ever had that!"

Nikki Reed's Peeps Put the Kibosh on Wedding Talk

You would think that someone who announced her engagement on the red carpet would be thrilled to chit chat about any wedding planning that may (or may not) be under way.

Uh, so not the case with Nikki Reed, Twilight's real-life femme fatale, who recently became engaged to singer Paul McDonald. But fear not, we're not going to rag on the Breaking Dawn babe...because this one is totally a PR problem. Guess what you'll hear if you ask N.R. about saying "I do?"

"Don't even waste my time."

Let's set the scene:

Nikki was munching on salad and Mexican food with her ear plugs in at the Wired Café on the rooftop of the Omni Hotel. Obviously, she was sitting in the reserved area so everybody kept their distance. Ya know, plugs+ VIP = stay away.

Just after finishing their meals, Nikki and crew hit the bathroom quickly and, as they were prepping to leave the lounge, a reporter approached the ladies, asking for a few Q's with Nikki.

Nikki immediately smiled and nodded and, surprisingly, her publicist agreed, saying "You can ask one question."

The reporter responded, "OK then, I'll go for the big one. Have you started planning..."

And with that, the publicist smacked his tape recorder and grabbed Nikki, complaining about her oh-so-important time with total be-yotch bravado as she dragged her client out.

WTF? What's Nikki got to hide? Shotgun wedding in Vegas?

Again, we heart Nikki (truly), and she seemed like a total sweetie during the blink-and-you-miss-it meeting, but her publicist has some lethal ‘tude that even the nastiest of H'wood mean girls can't seem to manage, hard as they try.

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