Flaming Lips / Ke$ha collaboration?

A video of Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne answering fan questions, with one of them
(the last one, jsyk) about Ke$ha. Watch below:

Source here: Hey Ke$ha, The Flaming Lips are calling

Apparently, the video is not available in the US.

Don't expect me to transcribe the entire video, but to sum it up shortly:

Wayne Coyne answers fan questions.

Question 1: "What advice do you have for artists who want to have as great an influence on the world as the Flaming Lips have had?".
Answer: He first laughs for the fan assuming The Flaming Lips have a great influence on the world (what a humble man, I've always liked him), then answers that he doesn't think the world needs to be changed by music because it is a very personal thing, but that if artists want to be successful, their music and lyrics should come from the heart and subconsciousness and just be completely honest.

Question 2: How do the Lips prepare for their shows.
Answer: They use the same instruments and equipments they use in studio, so the adaption to playing live is not that hard. Wayne Croyne also says he drinks Red Bull and a lot of water during shows.

Question 3: "We all know how much the Flaming Lips love animals. My question is: if you could have any live animals on stage at performances, what animal(s) would it be?"
Answer: He replies that he likes the idea of having elephants, monkeys, dancing polar bears, dogs jumping through burning loops on stage, but he thinks he'd be worried too much for them because of the nature and volume of their live shows, so he doesn't think he would ever do it.

Question 4: "I was wondering your opinion on Ke$ha listing you as a major influence in her music. Are we going to see a collaboration between Ke$ha and The Flaming Lips?"
Answer: "I was not aware of how much Ke$ha was liking our music. But since you brought that to my attention, I will get someone to give me her number and call her, and I'll suggest that we do something together."

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