Harry Potter: Jo’s Other Ending

By Jo (J.K.) Rowling as told to Greg Palast and the Palast twins

Some of you may recall that, years ago, when I lived in England, writing for The Guardian, when I shared the bestseller list with Jo Rowling (she at the pinnacle, me in the valley), we became buds through my twins’ love for her astonishing work.

But Jo knows that I found the conclusion of her series a sorry let-down, a second-rate “Show Down at the OK Corral” for Wizards. In my opinion (and she does not at all agree), Jo was too distracted by a concern for how the ending would play on film.

I bugged her about it until she told me the “other” endings. Every author has them – and we all look over our old drafts, after publication, and say, “Damn! I should have used that version” – then we lock it away before someone sees it and agrees.

No, Jo wouldn’t show me typed copies, but she told me a couple of “I could have done this” endings.

All was not well TROLOLOLOCollapse )

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