Where are they now? The forgotten child stars edition

Who did this cutie grow up to be?

(because apparently no one recognizes this kid from Honey I Blew Up the Kid!

Both boys played little Adam Szalinski

Joshua Shalikar & Daniel Shalkiar

Neither of the boys seem to have taken up acting. From some facebook stalking Dan appears to have gone into graphic design and Josh is the Director of Operations at CrossFire Communications. Good job guys!

SOURCE: Dug around facebook

Mara Wilson



Taken from Mara's facebook as to what ever happened to her:

Mara Wilson first made a name for herself by playing the part of a "nauseatingly cute"* and "terribly precocious,"* lisping little girl in multiple films and TV shows. Eventually, though, fate (as well as her endocrine system) conspired against her. No longer cute, she was deemed worthless to society, and was forced into semi-retirement from child stardom in a frenzied race against time à la Logan’s Run. (Or at least that’s how she likes to pretend it happened.)

Orphaned by the system, Mara turned to improvisation and comedy. This was effective until she realized that she was a woman and women aren’t funny. Still, the stage called, and Mara ended up voluntarily spending the remaining years of her adolescence at Idyllwild Arts Academy, a boarding school for the visual and performing arts. Highlights included having her first stage kiss and stage death in the same play, as well as appearing in The House of Blue Leaves a week after Pope John Paul II died. After being dismissed (i.e., graduating) from Idyllwild, Mara turned to the warm, accepting bosom of New York University and spent four years trying to avoid awkward eye contact with the other, much more famous former child stars matriculating there.

Now, Mara is putting some of her worst habits (e.g., eavesdropping, nitpicking, automatically imagining the worst case scenario) to good use as a playwright. She is no longer actively pursuing a full-time career as an actress, but could possibly be talked into acting in a given production. It would be best to ask now, before she decides to finally get her Actor’s Equity card.

SOURCE --- poor girl...I wish her the best of luck!

Toby Scott Ganger (ok very few people will know this kid)

Toby Scott Ganger is an American actor most well known for his role as Edmond in Don Bluth's film Rock-a-Doodle.

Ganger also guest starred on Cheers and has appeared in three Disney Sing-Along movies. His most recent appearance was in Black Sheep with David Spade and Chris Farley. He has released two albums with hip hop group Inverse (hip hop group) "So Far (The Collection)" and "So True EP" He is currently working on his first solo album entitled "Evolutionary" slated for a late 2009 release.



Toby seems to have gone into rap: http://www.myspace.com/tobyinverse

Toby has recorded So Far (The Collection) and the So True EP with his group Inverse and is now working on his first solo album "Evolutionary" Check in for updates, new music, videos, show dates, photos and other content.

Well that's all I've got for now lol