Nicki Minaj Has Been Lying About Her Age; Is 28...Umm..Why??

Rapper Nicki Minaj has been lying about her age and is 24-months older than she has been claiming; in the single most pointless incident of lying about anything a celebrity has done in some time. You’d shave off another year or two to be under 25, surely? Why only two years? Weird. Well, it’s being confirmed by law enforcement documents, following a possibly fraudulent claim of assault, that Minaj has lied about her age.

First things first, and credit where it’s due, this isn’t a new revelation – as pointed out by Jezebel – this was reported on Media TakeOut back in 2010. So, people have known for some time that her given age is as (allegedly) fake as her curves. Media TakeOut reported, and were proven right, about the discrepancy after a tip-off from a reader. They were able to turn up documents supporting their supposition with a DOB of December 1982 – same birth month as on her Wiki, but two years younger. The document posted appeared to be some database into which her government name of Onika Tanya Maraj had been entered.

So, yeah, after an incident of assault that probably never happened this week, further documents posted to TMZ and other outlets say the same thing.