Latest Casting News for Game of Thrones

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Who is making the jump from Camelot, to the second season of Game Of Thrones?

Camelot may be cancelled, but that is not necessarily a bad thing for a certain cast member. According to Clive Standen, who played Gawain in the ill-fated show, one of his cast members has landed a major role in the hit series.

Tweeting to his followers, Standen said: “Just heard some massive casting news for Season 2 of GOTs… 3 amazing actors (one Camelot alumnus) great choices”.

He later added: “Actually 2 Camelot alumni… but only one from our show”.

Interesting. Does this mean fan favourite Eva Green has been cast as Melisandre? Joseph Fiennes as Davos Seaworth?

Perhaps James Purefoy has secured a role? He has been talking about his love for the HBO show in recent interviews. Also, interesting fact of the day, Jamie Campbell-Bower was originally cast in the pilot, but dropped out. Could he have been recast in a new role?

The news about the other Camelot alumni is intriguing. Could this mean someone like Clive Owen (King Arthur in the 2004 film of the same name) has bagged a role? Sam Neill, maybe (Merlin)? Heck, what about Liam Neeson (he was Gawain in Boorman’s Excalibur)? I guess only time will tell...


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