Troubled Athlete Jose Canseco Blasts His Ex-Girlfriend, Then Posts Her Phone Number on Twitter

No matter where fallen baseball star Jose Canseco goes, a dark cloud always seems to follow.

The six-time Major League All-Star tweeted several nasty comments about his girlfriend of nearly two years, Leila Shennib, and even posted her personal telephone number online.

Jose's outpouring of emotion started on Wednesday around the time that he and Leila broke up.

Bitter breakup: Jose Canseco took to Twitter several times this week to vent about his split with girlfriend Leila Shennib, above with Jose in February 2011

The apparently heartbroken former slugger, 47, tweeted: 'She was very special now its over so sad.'

But that sadness quickly turned to anger, as Jose, who's known as 'The Bad Boy of Baseball' began tweeting several stinging comments two days later.

Among his rage filled rants: 'Little secret about leila shennib just offer her pot and she's an easy lay.'

Emotional outbursts: Jose started his on-line outpouring Wednesday by admitting that he was heartbroken

He added: 'O bye the way she may ask u for a diamond ring or a car and then call you a piece of s*** that's not human.' (sic)

Jose ended his tirade by tweeting Shennib's phone number, but quickly took the nasty tweets down.

When contacted by The Miami New Times, Jose expressed no remorse and even admitted he would do it again.

Troubled: Jose used to be known as a baseball great, now he is considered the sport's 'bad boy'

He told the reporter: 'When I said I'd never forgive or forget what she said. I wanted people to call her and ask her about what she's said and what she did.'

But when the reporter told Jose he was going to turn the tables and publish the athlete's own phone number, the embattled star said: 'You obviously have something personal about this.' 

Then he went on to call the reporter a 'piece of s***.'

Jose, who was once a star athlete, was born in Havana, Cuba, and immigrated to the United States with his family as a child.

 Attempted comeback: Jose tried to rehabilitate his image by appearing on Celebrity Apprentice
In 1982, he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics and later played for the Texas Rangers, the Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and several other teams.
In 1988, he became the first player in major league history to hit at least 40 home runs and steal at least 40 bases.

But the star has seen more than his share of troubles. In May 2008, the millionaire athlete revealed that he had lost his house in Encino, California to foreclosure.

He blamed his financial misfortune on his two divorces which had cost him $7 to $8million each.

A few months later in October 10, 2008, he was detained by immigration officials at a San Diego border crossing as he tried to bring a fertility drug from Mexico. 

He stated the drug was to help with his hormone replacement therapy, needed due to his use of steroids.

Over the years, there has been several U.S. media reports on Canseco's violent outbursts blamed on 'roid rage' and his attempts to end his steroid use.

Earlier this year the troubled star tried to rehabilitate his battered image by appearing on the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice.
but he was forced to leave the program early when his father fell ill.