Beyonce spends £9,000 in 90 minutes on Oxford Street

As one of the world's biggest pop stars, Beyonce presumably finds it about as easy as Kate Middleton to get her hands on designer clothes.

So it's refreshing to see that the singer is not above going out and buying her own clothes... even if she goes about it in a slightly different way to the rest of us.

Beyonce hit Topshop on London's Oxford Street with her mum yesterday - so far, so normal.

But the Glastonbury headliner must have snapped up at least one floor's worth of clothes.

She spent £5,000 in just 50 minutes - the equivalent of £100 a minute.

We don't envy those behind the singer's entourage in the queue for the changing rooms.

Beyonce and Tina Knowles then headed up the road towards Selfridges, where they spent an extra £4,000 in just half an hour.

The pair - and their security guards - spent most of their time in the shoe galleries, but didn't try on any of the pairs they ended up buying.

A fellow-shopper told The Sun: 'It was like that shopping scene out of Pretty Woman. Everyone was gobsmacked at the speed she was choosing clothes.

'When she hit the shoe section she picked up even more speed.

'The woman clearly loves footwear.'

Or maybe she's just stocking up on more presents for her loved ones.

Beyonce bought her little sister, Solange, 25 pairs of shoes for her 25th birthday last month.

And last December she treated her husband, Jay-Z, to a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport - the world's fastest road car - for his 41st birthday.

The generous singer has a lot to celebrate at the moment.

She wowed Glastonbury-goers when she closed the festival with a spectacularly energetic set at the end of last month, and repeated the magic last weekend at T In The Park festival in Kinross, Scotland, last weekend.

Beyonce and her mother will also have been getting inspiration for when they launch their own clothing line, House Of Dereon, in Selfridges in September.

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