Richard Madden ups Game in gym

GAME OF Thrones star Richard Madden is hitting the gym - after getting out of shape filming Channel 4 series Sirens.

The beefy (beefy? Really? That's not really an adjective I'd use to describe him) actor spent three months making the paramedics comedy in Leeds.

But with filming for the HBO fantasy starting at the end of this month he's decided to shed a few pounds.

He said: "The costumes are so heavy, you have to be fit to wear them. And of course, vanity kicks in too." (I am taking this to mean that we are going to get more shirtless!Robb scenes in season 2)


Yeah, this is a thinly veiled excuse for a GoT party post, but I figured submitting it is worth a shot. Plus, it provides a valuable venue for people to post shirtless pictures of Richard Madden. Yep. This is definitely some necessary news that needed to be reported. Totally.