HBO, you're busted

In the sport of female frontal nudity, no one can beat the pay-cable channel for copious breast scenes ('Game of Thrones,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' etc.) — and that's not a good thing.

violence, titty shots, and penis flashes we never asked for...Collapse )

i confess i didn't read the whole thing, i just really wanted to party. but the bits and pieces that i DID read, had me sincerely head nodding. that littlefinger monologue scene was seven shades of positively annoying. i think i would complain less if we saw penis we actually desired---starting with the king of the north of my thighs, el bastardo...and ending with that golden hair little shit (that i'm starting to fall madly in love with thanks to a storm of swords) jaime lannister. i DO agree with one thing tho, we need less tits and more breasts---dany's nude scene was the best so far---i think it was the first in the entire show that was sincerely female empowering and not for the sake of showing titties.