Charlie Sheen's Last Goddess/ Fresh-Faced, Young Ingenue Has Moved Out of Casa de Tiger Blood

It looks like the warlock's den just got a little more spacious -- Charlie Sheen's remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly, moved out of Sheen's pad last week. But the model didn't get to keep her fifteen minutes of fame and her sweet ride, according to TMZ.

Although he let his goddess go, Sheen, 45, wasn't so loose with the car he bought for his model lady -- Sheen demanded that Kenly return the Mercedes he purchased for her.

But still referring to himself in the third person, Sheen was cavalier about the split telling sources, it's "not a common thing for the Masheen."

And the 'Masheen' reportedly got to work no sooner than Kenly slammed his front door. The actor turned live tour talker turned his pad into a United Nations of sorts -- bringing home women from Mexico, Australia and Colombia just hours after Kenly packed up and shipped out, sources told TMZ. That sounds like a healthy way to deal with the dissolution of a relationship, right?

But Sheen's most recent goddess vacancy isn't anything new for the former 'Two and a Half Men' star as of late. In April, Sheen's other goddess, Bree Olsen, reportedly dumped the actor via text message before immediately moving on (Sheen-style) to a new beau. And just one month later, Sheen was officially down one more ex in his life -- he was officially divorced from estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, who is also the mother of his two young sons, Bob and Max, on May 2.

But Sheen's most recent heartbreak, or rather empty bed, comes at the end of a nearly six month relationship. Kenly accompanied the actor on his 'Violent Torpedo' live speaking tour and often helped to care for Sheen's two young sons.

Looks like the Sheenius warlock may be in the market for a new babysitter.


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