Beyonce's team ~Allegedly~ pushes back the release of "4"

Well it’s official, Columbia Records started making strides to push Beyonce’s fourth Studio album titled “4″ back to September. The record label made the decision late Wednesday evening in an emergency meeting. Record executives at Columbia Records felt that a leak of the 3 weeks was too severe and would hurt record sales. Columbia records cancelled all printing orders for the album until further notice.

Solid sources tell us that Jay Z who is reportedly head of Beyonce’s new management team agrees with the record label but Beyonce does not. Beyonce reportedly called her own emergency meeting in London. Word around Beyonce’s Camp is that Beyonce is now contemplating making an emergency trip back to the states to personally plead her case to Columbia Records.

Sources say that Jay Z wants to pick an entire new set of songs (minus the singles that have already been released). However, Columbia wants Beyonce to redo the entire album over because they feel the other songs Beyonce turned in are too concept edgy and extreme and fear they want play well in America and Beyonce, sources say is worried about making the Grammy’s September deadline.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Columbia leaked the album so they could pressure her into releasing more radio friendly songs
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