10:15 am - 03/18/2006

Flavorrrr Flavvvvvv

Hoopz & Flav are officially over 03/14/06

Yesterday morning on the Tom Joyner show, there was an interview with Hoopz and she stated that she has not returned one Flav's calls since the taping of the show ended. She also stated that she only used Flav to get her name out there and to make a career in TV and movies.


((fixed i think??))

Source: New York's Myspace journal
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0405 18th-Mar-2006 04:22 pm (UTC)
it wouldnt let me play that file cus it said the file is on another computer?
deliciousfishes 18th-Mar-2006 04:24 pm (UTC)
That's what it said for me, too.
funkyfaery 18th-Mar-2006 04:25 pm (UTC)
Same here.
tara_stars 18th-Mar-2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
I had to open Windows Media Player and do File: Open URL
maddening 18th-Mar-2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
You posted the truncated URL with the elipses instead of the whole URL. That's probably how it was written and that would be fine but it's actually *linked* to the URL with "..." in it... So you can just edit the link with the full, non-truncated URL
ohdramatize 18th-Mar-2006 04:27 pm (UTC)
Haha as if we all didn't know. It's cool that someone finally admitted it though.
uuumyeah 18th-Mar-2006 04:28 pm (UTC)
i think hoopz is really pretty - way too pretty for flav. too bad every single pic she takes she looks like a man.
promisemewings 18th-Mar-2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
Hoopz is too good for Flav. He's a moron.
purplerains 18th-Mar-2006 04:48 pm (UTC)
Pretty. She's more of a man than Flav will ever be.
purplerains 18th-Mar-2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
Err... I mean "Pretty?"
getchasum06 18th-Mar-2006 04:29 pm (UTC)
what a bitch.
not_on_weekends 18th-Mar-2006 04:31 pm (UTC)
How do you NOT return Flav's calls? That's cold blooded.
strangevisitor 18th-Mar-2006 04:39 pm (UTC)
sadida_7 18th-Mar-2006 05:06 pm (UTC)
Completely agreed.
msclairvoyant 18th-Mar-2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
I haven't heard the use of 'cold blooded' in forever. :D

Anyway, I agree.
kylehh 18th-Mar-2006 04:31 pm (UTC)
upload the file somewhere else
paranoiattaque 18th-Mar-2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
i want the real url! bahhhh
tara_stars 18th-Mar-2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
paranoiattaque 18th-Mar-2006 04:47 pm (UTC)
thanks! i just refreshed lol
promisemewings 18th-Mar-2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
*heh* No wonder they're already casting for "Flavor of Love 2."
beautifiers 19th-Mar-2006 01:38 am (UTC)
lmao and they tried to pass it off as viewers demanding it.
purplerains 18th-Mar-2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
Hoopz is so butch, she needs a nice fem-chick.
maddening 18th-Mar-2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
The full URL of the file for everyone:

tara_stars 18th-Mar-2006 05:03 pm (UTC)
I lose at the interweb :(
0405 18th-Mar-2006 04:57 pm (UTC)
hes got six kids ha.

hoopz got what she wanted. publicity.
mad_turtle 18th-Mar-2006 05:05 pm (UTC)
Is there audio of Hoops' interview where she claimed these things?
pnuttbuttajelli 18th-Mar-2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
no wonder why she didnt fuck him.
bitch planned on leaving from jump.
adidaschica2323 18th-Mar-2006 05:34 pm (UTC)
lol he should've picked New York.
_betterthanfine this file does not tell me anything...18th-Mar-2006 05:40 pm (UTC)
i want to hear the actual file where hoopz says this.
i just listened to this link and all there was was flav saying that he doesn't get time to spend and kick back with hoopz.
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