Dudes With Long Hair: Yay or Nay? Tim Riggins says Yay

We at Lock & Mane love a well-groomed man. You know we all breathed a major sigh of relief when the recent celebrity facial hair craze died down, but there’s something more troublesome on the horizon. Pretty boys with long hair. The Biebs was an early adopter of this trend but since he’s a mere child we can’t heap all the blame at his little man feet.
We can blame Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady.
We actually had a chance to chat with Fabio wannabe Brady last week at the Robin Hood Foundation Gala in New York . The NFL hottie told us he won’t be cutting his locks any time soon. His wife Gisele shook her head and laughed. We cried inside upon hearing this tragic hair news and it led us to a lengthy discussion on men and long hair. Is it ever okay? We reached out to some regular gals for their take on the trend.
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Time for an attractive people post! I love a man with long hair IF he can pull it off. but if he cant, its a DISASTUH (see: Tom Brady) Feel free to post pics of your favorite men with sexy long tresses~