She's A Motherf***** Mons†er.

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Hello, diva -- Nicki Minaj. During her (lip-syncing?) gig Saturday at Chateau, her workers told people at the club that they were not allowed to make eye contact with Minaj, according to inside sources.

Attention, mere mortals of Vegas and the world: We are too peasantry to observe Nicki Minaj's gaze.

She is the exalted hierarchy of no-looking-in-her-eyes potency, a specimen of unrivaled divinity that no man or woman dareth behold -- just like Medusa, the Gorgon monster with snakes for hair.

If you see Nicki Medusa -- in person, on TV or online -- cast your glances away! You may turn to stone asunder!

Katy Perry's contract states that limo drivers must not stare at the backseat through the rearview mirror, nor talk to her or her guests and fans.

That's according to papers obtained by Perry's contract "rider" says she must stay in presidential suites in "5 star" hotels, flowered in white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses and peonies -- but "ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS."
I don't know if I believe this... She always seems super nice and down to earth.