DRUM ROLL PLEASE...The Hottest Gay Man in the World is...Straight?

Being openly straight apparently hasn't ruined the fantasy for gay men who voted Darren Criss their #1 hottie.

The 24-year-old Criss came out of nowhere to top gay male entertainment website AfterElton.com's annual The Hot 100 poll.

Criss, who didn't so much as place on last year's survey, plays out-and-proud Dalton Academy Warblers lead vocalist Blaine Anderson on the Fox musical-comedy hit Glee.

“Given the popularity of Glee, his making The AfterElton Hot 100 was probably a given, but even we didn't expect him to rocket to the number one spot, the first time a newcomer has debuted at the very top,” the website wrote in announcing the results.

Aside from Criss and actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), the remaining top 10 slots are occupied by openly gay or rumored-to-be gay men.

Rocker Adam Lambert is the list's runner up, while Chris Colfer, who plays Criss' love interest on Glee, is third.

Photos can be found at the source, if you wanna ogle. Let's not make After Elton hate us more than they already do. :)
1. Darren Criss
2. Adam Lambert
3. Chris Colfer
4. Neil Patrick Harris
5. John Barrowman
6. Luke Macfarlane
7. Jonathan Groff
8. Jensen Ackles
9. Anderson Cooper
10. Ricky Martin
11. Jake Gyllenhaal
12. Cheyenne Jackson
13. Ryan Reynolds
14. Chris Evans
15. Matt Bomer
16. Jared Padalecki
17. James Franco
18. Chord Overstreet
19. Russell Tovey
20. Mark Salling
21. Alexander Skarsgard
22. Gale Harold
23. Cory Monteith
24. Ian Somerhalder
25. Matthew Mitcham
26. Trevor Donovan
27. Nathan Fillion
28. Eric Sheffer Stevens
29. Joe Manganiello
30. Jared Leto
31. Johnny Depp
32. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
33. Zachary Quinto
34. Adam Levine
35. Jo Weil
36. Ryan Kwanten
37. Scott Evans
38. Bradley Cooper
39. Matt Smith
40. Misha Collins
41. Kevin Alejandro
42. Ben Cohen
43. Hugh Jackman
44. Gareth Thomas
45. Chris Pine
46. Jesse Tyler Ferguson
47. Zac Efron
48. Matthew Morrison
49. Thore Schölermann
50. Alex O'Loughlin
51. Harry Shum Jr.
52. Matthew Rhys
53. Chris Hemsworth
54. Van Hansis
55. Nate Berkus
56. Daniel Radcliffe
57. Taylor Lautner
58. Derek Hough
59. Chad Allen
60. James Marsden
61. Channing Tatum
62. Ewan McGregor
63. Tom Welling
64. Max Adler - hell ya, bitches!!!
65. Jake Silbermann
66. Jake Shears
67. Prince Harry
68. Mark Ballas
69. Taye Diggs
70. Ryan Gosling
71. Tom Ford
72. Nick Adams
73. Andrew Garfield
74. Brad Pitt
75. Robert Pattinson
76. Tom Hardy
77. David Beckham
78. Scott Caan
79. Chace Crawford
80. James Duke Mason
81. Tim Kang
82. Kellan Lutz
83. Cassidy Haley
84. Karl Urban
85. Dan Savage
86. Lee Pace
87. Wilson Cruz
88. Gavin Creel
89. Thomas Roberts
90. Kevin McHale
91. Daniel Craig
92. Darryl Stephens
93. Kris Allen
94. Emmett J. Scanlan
95. Paul Wesley
96. Henry Cavill
97. Nick Youngquest
98. Jon Hamm
99. Alex Pettyfer
100. Christopher Gorham


The list contains every single male Glee actor besides Iqbal Theba. Poor, poor principal Figgins. Check out these sexy moves! Tell me you don't wanna hit that...

But seriously, what do you think ONTD? Who's missing? Who doesn't belong? Who are you mad about making it to the top three despite not having any teeth (whatever, I know it's coming)???