Joe Jackson continues to exploit his son's death & Janet Jackson snubs her father at Cannes!

Joe Jackson reveals plans for a Neverland themed resort in Vietnam

CANNES, France (Hollywood Reporter) --
Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, and a number of his associates, gathered at the Playboy Mansion in Cannes Tuesday for an impromptu press conference on the sidelines of this year's Festival de Cannes, on behalf of the Jackson Family Foundation.

After posing around the pool for two-dozen photographers, Jackson briefly spoke about plans for a second theme park in Vietnam he's involved with called Happy Land Resort Vietnam: A Jackson Neverland Themed Worldwide Resort. His plans for Neverland include 5 five-star hotels, a seven-star hotel and a statue of his son smack dab in the middle.

"Anything you get involved with, you are supposed to make money," he said during the conference. "You know what you can do with money, you smile all the way to the bank!
[…] I want people to know that [the Jackson Family Foundation is] a legitimate foundation to make money and carry on what we have to do. It is for the health of people in need, like any foundation, in any part of the world."

Jackson was accompanied at the conference by Michael Jackson's former manager, Dieter Wiesner, who spoke about a book he is writing on his time with Michael. "My time with Michael was a beautiful and also a hard time," he said, adding that the book would cover his experiences working with the singer.

As some of you many already know, Wiesner (known for operating sex clubs and brothels in Germany)
once stood trial for fraud, and was fired by Michael Jackson in 2003. Jackson's ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, referred to Wiesner as an "opportunistic vulture" on the witness stand in 2005.

Well, you know how the saying goes: opportunistic vultures of a feather flock together!


Janet and Joe Jackson pass like ships in the Cannes night

Janet Jackson and her father, Joseph, may each be in Cannes, but they didn’t see each other — and they won’t.

Unlike siblings Jane and Peter Fonda, who had a rendezvous last night at director Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice Haiti fundraiser, the Jacksons are not having a family moment. This is even with Janet celebrating a birthday on Monday. Janet appears tonight at fundraiser in Antibes and last night was seen on the boat of designer Roberto Cavalli. But when I ran into Joseph Jackson on Wednesday night at the Carlton Hotel, he was nonplussed by the information that his famous daughter was in town.

"Tell her I said hello," he told me. Did he know she had a birthday this week, I asked? "We don’t celebrate birthdays," he replied.


What a caricature of a man. ANYWHO. I edited out the info about the MJ perfume Joe is hawking at Cannes, since there's already a post about that. Double the oppertunity to hate on Joe Jackson! Have at it! :)