Idol contestant James Durbin: I didn't like Lady Gaga touching me

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For Lady Gaga's millions of "little monsters," an instructional hands-on dance with the megastar would've been a dream come true. But for American Idol contestant James Durbin, being manhandled by the singer was more like an on-air nightmare.

When James didn't move his hips enough for Gaga's liking while performing "Love Potion No. 9," on the May 11 episode, she put her hands on his waist and showed him how to better dance to the beat.

"I didn't like it," James tells Life & Style about his too-close-for-comfort brush with Gaga. "It was unexpected and very uncomfortable. To sum it up in one word: awkward!"

The rocker was kicked off Idol last night and judge Jennifer Lopez broke down in tears after the announcement.