Fleetwood Mac to reunite for new album and tour in 2012

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Steve Nicks has said that Fleetwood Mac will reunite next year.

The singer has just released a new solo album In Your Dreams, on which she worked with ex-Eurythmic Dave Stewart, her first since 2001's Trouble in Shangri-La. But she has revealed that plans are already in place for the band to regroup in 2012, and possibly even make a new album, after she and Lindsey Buckingham finish promoting their solo work.

She told US blogger Perez Hilton: "When my album and Lindsey's albums come to a stop, then Fleetwood Mac will gather again and we'll either make another record or we won't and we'll just go on tour." It has been eight years since their last album, Say You Will.

Buckingham's LP Seeds We Sow is due this autumn. Nicks said it is her favourite solo album by her bandmate. "He took some serious melody pills on this one," she added.

Yay! I love Fleetwood Mac. And Say You Will is an amazing song.