Justin Bieber: A BRAT to Filipino Fans?!

A video of superstar Justin Bieber disrespecting a fan while in the Philippines is quickly becoming viral. The video, uploaded May 11, 2011, shows Justin Bieber walking by a Filipino man who was hoping to get an autograph from the star, and knocking his own CD out of the man's hands. The man was trying to get the autograph for his young daughter, a giant Bieber fan. Or at least she used to be.

The video's description on YouTube tells more:

"My father (in neon green vest) tried to get an autograph from Justin Bieber for my sister. But take a look on what he did. He tapped my father's hand and the cd fell on the floor. Nobody from his crew helped him. Not even an apology from Justin Bieber himself.

Where are your manners now kiddo? i know you're sick but you could've at least said sorry you are not signing anything.

How could you do that to my father."

I guess not every Canadian has the stereotypical Canadian manners. Watch the bratty video below!

Justin Bieber - how arrogant can you be?