Real World's Dustin Zito: No Regrets About Gay Porn Past

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The Real World: Las Vegas' Dustin Zito is living life with no regrets.

In fact, even after news that he had shot sexually explicit videos with men rocked the MTV penthouse, Zito tells Us Weekly he'd do it do it all over again.

Opening up to Us two weeks after his roommates -- including girlfriend Heather Marter -- learned about his past, Zito says he never thought anyone would find out about his work on the website "[The site was] going to take care of me. And I was like 'This is a small website. It doesn't even end in dot-com,'" Zito, 25, tells Us.

"All my friends had gone to college, but I couldn't afford it, and I couldn't find a cool job," the Rayne, La., native, says. "Fratmen called me with this offer. I was paid, and they also paid for my flight, my meals, my clothes…I was like 'All you want me to do is get naked and be in this video? Jesus, this sounds too good to be true."

Going so far as to engage in "softcore" oral sex, Zito didn't think he was getting into hot water. "The site doesn't make you look sleazy. It's sort of classy," he says. "The videos are shot cinematically."

He quit in January 2010 and joined the MTV hit nine months later.

"I wanted them to get to know me first," Zito tells Us of his six Sin City roomies, including Marter. "I was going to tell Heather so we could deal with it together." Zito remained tight-lipped until Marter found out -- from her mother -- on the show's April 27 episode. "If I had come out with it like a man, it wouldn't have been what it is."