Sarah Michelle Gellar Reads "Green Eggs & Ham" to bbs to Promote Summer Reading

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Teams up with Nestle's Share the Joy of Reading Program.
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has teamed up with “The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program” to raise awareness about the importance of children’s literacy and to encourage continued reading over the summer. Today, she visited the Los Angeles Public Library’s historic Central Library to read to children and share her love of reading. “The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program” is donating up to $250,000 to Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) – the nation’s largest nonprofit children’s literacy organization – and consumers can help through everyday purchases of select Nestlé confections.

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“As a mother and avid reader, I am excited to be participating in ‘The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program’ to benefit Reading Is Fundamental,” said Sarah Michelle Gellar. “Reading has had an enormous, positive impact on my life and I encourage people to support organizations such as RIF that work to ignite a child’s hunger for knowledge and inspire imagination.”

In 2010, RIF provided more than 15 million books to children to keep as their own, but there are millions of children still in need of literary resources. Studies show that:

61% of low-income families in the U.S. have no books in their homes
80% of preschools and after-school programs serving low-income populations have no age-appropriate books for their children
45% of children ages 3-5 do not and are not read to daily. Studies show that children whose parents read to them become better readers and perform better in school
23% of public school 4th graders score below basic levels on reading exams. Increasing access to print material is the most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children

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I loved reading as a kid, so I think it's pretty awesome that she's so invested in this. What books are you currently reading ontd? I'm on A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and plan on reading the rest before the fifth book comes out in July.
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