Nikki Reed being used?

PhotobucketAmerican Idol castoff Paul McDonald is reportedly working overtime in the romance department with Twilight cutie Nikki Reed, but a report claims some of her friends fear he's using her to launch his own Hollywood career.

The singer/songwriter was voted off 'Idol' on April 14, and sources cited by the National Enquirer say the ambitious Alabama native is hoping to piggy-back on Nikki’s fame.

"Paul is pressuring Nikki to introduce him to her agents, studio executives and even her ‘Twilight’ co-stars," said a source, according to the report.

"His own friends are predicting he’ll leave Nikki as soon as he gets his big post ‘Idol’ break, the Enquirer reported.

The 26-year-old singer fell for the 22-year-old actress after she gushed over him at the “Red Riding Hood” premiere in early March.

Nikki - who plays Rosalie Hale in the big-screen vampire saga - hugged Paul and said: “You’re amazing! I’m blushing, I should go.”

Paul responded: “Wow, thank you.”

While Paul acted like he had no idea who Nikki was, “he’s not the naive bumpkin he pretends to be,” said the source. “He played it cool to rope her in with his aw-shucks shtick.”

Thanks to his Nikki connection, Paul - who heads the indie band The Grand Magnolias - will contribute music to her “Twilight” co-star Peter Facinelli’s upcoming movie, “Loosies.”

According to the Enquirer, the source added: “Paul is using his musical chops - and Nikki - gateway to superstardom.”

Girl, dump him and get back together with KStew.