YA authors talk about their favorite Dystopias

Authors Cassie Clare, Holly Black, Sarah Dessen Dish On Favorite Dystopian Novels

Just because some of our favorite YA authors write about shadowhunters, curse workers and everyday girls (and not survivalist teens battling in a wilderness arena) doesn't mean they haven't jumped on the dystopian bandwagon. As part of our final Dystopian Week proceedings, we asked a few non-dystopian writers to weigh in with their favorites from the genre.

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Frankly I'm really resistant to the whole current dystopia craze because it feels like such a blatant cash grab by everyone involved desperate to cash in on Hunger Games. That's not to say that there aren't quality YA dystopias out there right now, but they're few and far between and you know that in 2-3 years everyone will have moved on to the next big thing. Part of the reason why I just can't take it seriously.