Miley Cyrus does a Nirvana cover. Also tells her fans to break the rules

 So yesterday (May 1st) was Miley Cyrus' concert in Lima, Peru. I didn't go 'cause the tickets were expensive, but it seemed like it was a good show... or at least that's what the newspapers here say. I'm mixing 2 reports of the concert for the ones that are interested.


The ones who expected to see the cute and sweet Hannah Montana from the Disney Channel series got it wrong. The one that came to Peru yesterday was a young-woman who showed her most sensual and rebel aspect and she even encouraged the little girls who went to see her to break the rules on the concert -which it was suppossed to be extremely pacific-, the second of her 'Gipsy Heart' tour.

"Hello everyone, thank you for being here in the second concert of the tour. I know you've been told to sit but I tell you to stand up if you want to. Ignore them. I want you to break the rules, jump and scream! You are my inspiration. I love you" told Cyrus to her fans, which were girls between 12 and 16 years old, mostly.

Miley Cyrus got on the stage at 7:29 p.m, dressed in a super hot leather outfit, just like a dominatrix (lol really?) and a red jacket. It was at that moment when her fans -along with their parents- began to scream madly and to run as near to the stage as they could and then started to sing Liberty Walk, a song that seemed to show the gold of Miley Cyrus, trying to leave the helpless girl image that had on TV (helpless? ok). The starlet started dancing with energetic and domineering attitude, reflected in the two giant LCD screens on both sides of the stage.

After that, the other songs that came along were Party in the USA, Kicking and screaming, 7 things and Scars. Cyrus also sang Bad Reputation, Cherrybomb and I love rock and roll -proving her desire to imitate the 'rock phase' of Britney Spears, whom Miley admitted to be one of their most admired pop stars (rofl at that)-., every song being sang also by the fans and their parents.

Another of the most surprising moments of the night was when the 18-year-old girl started to cover Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit, which she dedicated to her little brother (I didn't know she had a little brother. How many Cyrus are they? Damn): The little Miley fans were singing and dancing, although we're not sure if they even heard that song before.

Of course there were also ballads for the night, like Obsessed and Forgiveness and Love, with thousands of girls going crazy while waving flags and banners reading "Miley, Lima loves you". Also, tears weren't missing when Cyrus sang The Climb.

Miley Cyrus couldn't stop saying "Thank you, guys" and "I love you". She then sang her hit Can't be tamed and, after saying goodbye, thousands of voices wanted to get her back by yelling "Miley, Miley". Convinced by her public, Cyrus came back with a red dress and performed My heart beats for love -with the peruvian flag as background- and finally closed the show with Who owns my heart, leaving the 19 000 fans who went to see her, satisfied.

During the show, which highlighted for special effects, the singer had several costume changes and eventually led to the euphoria and romance with her final songs. Miley Cyrus arrived to Peru at saturday night, with mom Tish Cyrus, her assistants and her dancers. With a huge smile, Miley waved at her peruvian fans and got attention for carrying an Inca-themed bag.

Source: 123