'Where are the black people?' asks Sherri Shepherd as The View hosts discuss Royal Wedding

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Never mind who wore what, the View's Sherri Shepherd had another burning question about the Royal Wedding today.

'Where are the black people?' the outspoken actress, 44, asked as the panellists as they critiqued Prince William and Kate Middleton's ceremony.

The star said she had earlier searched through the footage of guests at Westminster Abbey.

'Audrey Jones our producer was looking for the black people in the wedding and we found our Rosa Parks moment, because we were like 'where are the black people'?' she said.

'It was like where's Waldo, where are the black people?' she added.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

'We found one little black child in the choir but where's the black people at this wedding?' she continued.

'Wait a minute the Calvary guy, from New York,' said Goldie Hawn, 65, who was a guest host for the day.

'Well the guests, there they are,' said Sherri, pointing to a screen showing a small group of black people in the congregation.

'They are segregated but they are at the front so we have our Rosa Parks moment,' she added referring to the African-American civil rights activist Rosa Parks who refused to obey a bus driver's order to give up her seat for a white passenger on December 1, 1955.

'I don't know why they put all the black people over here but they are at the front of the wedding so I ain't complaining, they got in the front,' added Sherri.

The women also mocked the Queen and the dresses of princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

Joy Behar, 68, said the Queen of England looked like: 'A bubble bee with a drinking problem,' live on air.

'Holy Moly, who wears yellow?' continued Joy.

'I've never seen a Queen wearing yellow, she looks like a taxi cabkeep that meter running Queenie,' she added.

When talking of the outlandish Philip Treacy hats of Eugenie and Beatrice host Sherri Shepherd said: 'Oh my god, that is Lady Gaga. Straight.'

'They look like they are auditioning for Let's Make a Deal, you know that show?' said Joy, referring to an old NBC game show where audience members used to dress in hilarious costumes, often like clowns.

'They look like horns,' said Sherri.

'Like a deer in the headlights,' added Hawn