Joe Jackson coming out with MJ brand ice cream and perfume

That's right, Joe Jackson is at it again. First he was cheerfully hawking blu-ray products on the red carpet, mere days after his son's death, and now it seems that Michael Jackson's father (who was left out of the singer's will) is coming out with new Michael Jackson branded perfume and ice cream!

According to a recent press release, Caesars Palace Las Vegas and Pure Private Night Club are hosting "A Night to Remember: Michael Jackson World Launch Party" on June 9th, where Joe will launch his "tribute" perfume line and issue a press conference at the Sky Tower.

(To promote the perfume, Joe is skipping out on the trial of Conrad Murray, and will instead be busy attending Cannes Film Festival and throwing an exclusive private party -- entitled "Jackson Family Nights" -- at the Cannes Mansion.)

This latest exploitation of Michael Jackson should come as no surprise to fans.

Back in March, the Jackson family patriarch signed a marketing agreement with UD Group International, to create and sell a line of Joe Jackson "Champagne, Ice Cream, Jellys, Lollys, Cosmetique, Jewelry and Fashion (Children and Adult Clothing)."

Included in the line up of potential products is an ice cream bar featuring an M logo, which looks suspiciously similar to Michael Jackson's trademarked M logo.

So far, Joe has been quite adept at squiggling through loop-holes, to avoid the MJ estate coming after him. But this latest move is a little too blatant in using his son's logo and image. It's not hard to imagine that someone might receive "cease and desist" letter in the mail soon!

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