Don't you even dare.......

Soulja Boy talks possible Juice Remake

Some movies are so classic, they should NOT be tampered with under any cirmcumstances. Particularly if the movie is the legendary 1992 film Juice, which starred Omar Epps and Tupac Shakur, and especially when the person doing the tampering is Soulja Boy. Nevertheless, during a recent interview with, the “Crank That” rapper revealed he’s remaking the film. Soulja Boy said:

“Basically, it’s your boy Soulja and I’m Bishop in 2011, running around in the streets, man. You know how the movie goes, but we’re flipping it and shooting in Atlanta. I want to show these people my acting side and me being creative—always giving them something new; that’s all. I got the same video director that shot ‘Crank That,’ ‘Kiss Me Through The Phone,’ ‘Turn My Swag On’ —my most successful videos.”

Yes, you read that correctly. He said Bishop, the role taken on by ‘Pac in the original film (blank stare) look, I have nothing but respect for Soulja Boy’s grind, but is this dude serious??? Why do I get the feeling this updated version of Juice (which begins filming next week) will be delegated to late nights on BET and the DVD discount bin at Wal Mart right next to Game‘s ill-fated Belly sequel? SMH


This fool look like a Unicef relief  poster that got hit with graffitti ......He aint 2pac, what would he know about Bishop? And Juice is one of the most Hip-Hop movies ever made, what would he know about it? Hit the cut to remember this classic film
and keep this dude away from  remaking this movie.

...and he better not do the fucking Soundtrack either. That was one of the best ever put together: