Major Deaths Planned for Hawaii 5-0? MOTHERFUCKER YOU BETTER BE PLAYIN'

Fans of Hawaii Five-0, which airs on Channel 5 in Tempe, had a bit of news revealed about the upcoming season finale on Monday. Spoiler TV is reporting that a major character will die in the last episode of this season, and it will be a shocking death. Does this mean one of Team 5-0 is set to leave the series?
Fans were already starting to speculate about the last episode of the season., which is set to air on CBS on May 16. One fan on Twitter needed the details earlier today and said the following: "iBananaHappy: @KristinDSantos Anything about Hawaii Five 0 CRAZY finale that everyone is promising us?!"

Now the speculation about which main character will die can begin. It won't be the characters played by Jean Smart or Kelly Hu. They are both said to return if the series is picked up for season two. Killing off Steven McGarrett, played by Alex O'Loughlin, or Danno, played by Scott Caan, wouldn't seem right. Those two are the stars of the show.

That leaves one of the two remaining members of the 5-0 team played by Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Will one of them die in the May 16 season finale? With the future of the series still in question, this could be one unsatisfying way to leave fans hanging if the series is not picked up for season two.

To be honest... take Daniel Dae Kim. I only liked him in Saint's Row. Or take Danno's wife. Or his brother. His Brother. HIS BROTHER. HIS BROTHER!!!! FUCK DANE COOK. FUCK HIM. GO DIE. FUCK YOUR "CAREER!"