Days of our lives: Carly's Downward Spiral

"I was so excited," enthuses Crystal Chappell (Carly) about when she was pitched the story. "I was hugging people I was so happy. It's just nice to play a character who doesn't have to be so together all the time, especially a doctor. I was happy they were willing to to really look at this woman's past and what she's been through, not just in the past year, but the past 15, and have that be a part of her unraveling. So, it feels like I am getting to know her for the first time since I've started playing her."

The trauma in her past catches up to Carly this week and she turns to drugs to help her through it.

What sets Carly off is losing a young patient. "It's the buildup of a lot of things," notes Chappell. "Carly has always been the type of person who has kept herself together and put on a good face-as many doctors do-and you're not supposed to see the cracks. So she loses a 14-year old boy who reminds her of her son who won't speak to her, and he wants her to save his life and she does everything she can, but she loses him."

Then there's the Bo factor. "She then walks out and there's Bo, who needs some information on the case, and he hesitates consoling her in any way," sighs the actress. "She realizes just how much she's lost. She lost not only this man she loves, but she lost a friend. And then she has to tell the mother, 'Your son is gone,' so she decides to get out of the hospital for a break. She sees Bo and Hope happy and kissing on the pier and she runs back. What comes out of her is that she has this mini breakdown, where she starts to remember her years with Lawrence and her abuse. She was held prisoner and these are all the things that are going to come out and she'll talk about, but in that moment, you all see it flashing before her eyes, including Bo telling her, 'I'll always be there for you.' And she happens to have a syringe that was left there for a patient and she just completely loses it and it's all too unbearable and she ends up stabbing herself in the thigh and taking the medicine. That's her tipping point."

The actress is excited about delving deeper into the storyline. "I have had the time of my life," Chappell raves. "It's been so honest and so true to who she is and where she comes from. It's been fun for me to explore it. They've written it wonderfully and given me a lot of rich stuff to play. I'm a happy actress."

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