George Lopez compares Kirstie Alley to a pig on his show

George Lopez has compared Dancing with the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley to a pig.

"She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away," Lopez joked on Tuesday's Lopez Tonight after showing a clip of Alley's cha-cha, which earned a 23 — the second-highest score of the week.

Lopez kept the pig references coming, doing a play on the "This Little Piggy" nursery rhyme in describing the actress' pre-show activities.

"Before the show she went to the market, and then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home," Lopez said, showing a clip of a pig with its head hanging out the window of a car.

Alley, a former Jenny Craig spokeswoman, said earlier this month that she has lost 60 pounds and hopes to lose "30 or 40 more" while on Dancing.

Alley, 60, wasn't the only Dancing star Lopez took shots at: He also zinged Kendra Wilkinson and called Wendy Williams a man.

Wow, really?