UK Skins: Freya Mavor “cried for hours” before her first sex scene

‘Skins’ actress Freya Mavor has admitted that she was inconsolable before filming her first raunchy scene.

The 17-year-old star – who plays popular princess Mini McGuinness in the E4 teen drama – confessed that she was already upset when she found out that her scenes would include nudity and things got much worse when her dad read the script.

Freya explained: “The rudest scene I’ve ever done was my first raunchy scene. I cried for hours because I was so nervous. Also, because I’m only 17, they couldn’t have a bloke thrusting on top of me without anything in between us, so they rolled up a camping mat and shoved it in between us. It felt so bizarre.

“There was also a fellatio scene where I’m, er, receiving, and my dad had just read the notes on my script, which just said, ‘Nick is munching Mini’. Very embarrassing.”

However, not all of the ‘Skins’ cast were so upset by their saucy plots, as Laya Lewis – who plays seductress Liv Malone – realised her sex scenes looked more realistic if she enjoyed herself.

She said: “My nudity count is quite high. But there’s no time to be insecure. My character is always drunk or off her face. She’s the go-to girl if you want a cheap sh*g or drugs.

“There’s a lot of skin on show, but I found it quite fun. It’s got to look enjoyable on camera, so I tried to enjoy myself.”

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