Kim Lied. Grass is Green.

Oh Kimberly, what is going on with you? For those that don’t know, Lil’ Kim released a mixtape about 24 hours ago titled Black Friday. The mixtape was put together in an effort to bury Nicki Minaj and hopefully a comeback, but things didn’t really go as planned. Kimberly and her team posted the mixtape and created a sales account via PayPal, an e-commerce site owned by eBay, to generate revenue off of the mixtape. How much is the mixtape being sold for? $9.99. Exactly what we said. Earlier today, she posted via her Twitter account that she sold 113K mixtapes and became the No.1 seller in PayPal history… right. Street Anthem picked up the phone and decided to double check this information through PayPal. Our findings… were very different than what Kim said.

robo: Is there a such thing as being a number one seller through PayPal?

James/Representative: Not to my knowledge. PayPal only processes payments. We don’t actually sell the items.

robo: So there is no such thing as holding a record of being a number one seller?

James: No. Someone on eBay holds that. If the product isn’t being sold on eBay, then it’s false.

robo: So just once more, is there a such thing as holding a record for being the top seller through PayPal or the most processed payments?

James: No, we only process payments and we don’t track information like that. The seller themselves would have to.

Being that the mixtape isn’t sold on eBay either, eBay was unable to give us any information regarding the mixtape sales. So, in the end there is no such thing as being the top seller on PayPal, however, it would’ve been more believable if she said eBay. Hip-Hop’s entertainment blossom Karen Civil also pointed out a valid point when speaking on the phone. Since the account was just recently opened and it does take several days to verify a business account through PayPal, the account would’ve been shutdown by the fraud department for suspicious activity for making the supposed amount of $1,128,870.

Kim, try again please.

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I can't rn. I'm at tad dubious of the source, but  that much in 24 hours?? C'mon son.