What Happened to Real Housewives of NYC?

So with the news that Bravo was moving up the premiere of the "Real Housewives of Miami" into the "Real Housewives of New York's" timeslot, it sent us all into a tizzy about what the heck must have happened to have the most popular (I don't care what Atlanta's ratings are, NYC is the most popular) franchise pushed back?

Well there are some clues out there...

We saw the sneak peeks of Season 4 on Thursday, and they were a bit...how do you say...underwhelming...especially since Beverly Hills lit the fire in the ol' housewives belly for the fans, if you will...it's not like they're following DC or a painfully long Orange County like last year.

Kelly's been all sadsies on the Twitter today, while the other housewives went dark except for Simon and Alex, but it's all very shoulder shrugging on Alex's end. Not to mention Housewives use Twitter as an infomercial mostly, so grain of salt and all that. It's why I only follow a couple. But here's the thing...Kelly's never sad. I can't remember a time she's been publicly sad about anything. She lives in Candyland, so maybe something went DOWN before this announcement.

Then there's the Bethenny factor. I have a feeling that has more to do with it than anything. I don't think Bravo wants to risk having a lackluster Season 4 without her, and have all the backlash from fans going on. Having RHONY and Bethenny Ever After Airing at the same time would just be bad juju for the RHONY franchise.

So here's my educated (stop laughing) guess. People are fired up again over Beverly Hills, the new previews of RHONY didn't get the buzz Bravo wanted, they don't want the Bethenny love to torpedo season 4 and lose the momentum from Beverly Hills...so back to the drawing board. I predict more shots with Bethenny on RHONY, since she'll be in our minds and hearts anyway... we're going to have to "Watch What Happens"...right?

And congrats, Miami...you get to reap the rewards of this madness.

I thought this was an interesting summation of the possible reasons for the delay. I hope we find out more.