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Britney Spears recently came under fire when American country duo The Bellamy Brothers accused her of copying a line from one of their songs for her chart topper “Hold It Against Me”, and now it looks like Lady GaGa is about to end up in the same boat, but this time, the offence is much more severe than just one vague pick-up line.

Earlier today GaGa unveiled the official lyrics and production credits for her new single “Born this Way”, listing herself as the sole songwriter. The gay rights anthem contained lines like “No matter gay, straight or bi / lesbian, transgendered life…” and “I’m beautiful in my own way / ‘Cause God makes no mistakes / I’m the right track, baby / I was born this way.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like GaGa’s “Born this Way” was her bright idea at all.

A strikingly similar song titled “I was Born this Way” was released back in 1975 by Motown artist Valentino, and is regarded as the first ever ‘coming out’ song. It was then re-recorded and released by Carl Bean, becoming a disco hit. Over the years it’s popped up again over the place, making an appearance on Pet Shop Boys album and being featured in the popular independent film Not Another Gay Teen Movie.

Check out some of the lyrics to “I was Born this Way” below, and then take a listen to Carl Bean and Valentino’s individual versions of the hit and see what you think.

I’m happy, I’m carefree and I’m gay

I was born this way

You call me strange ’cause you don’t understand

God’s role for me in life’s overall plan

I’ve learned to hold my head up high

Not in scorn nor disgrace

Doin’ my thing individually

Entwined with this human race

Now I won’t judge you – don’t you judge me

We’re all the way nature meant us to be

This doesn’t seem like some vague coincidence — the song is almost identical in both concept and lyrics to the “Born this Way” that Lady GaGa tweeted out today.


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