First Pic of Elton's Whittle Bubbie Zachary Jackson (He Shall Be) Levon Furnish-John

PROUD SIR ELTON JOHN wears a beaming smile as he shows off his son for the first time.

The Rocket Man singer and civil partner DAVID FURNISH could not hide their joy as they posed with tiny Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, born on Christmas Day.

Elton, 63, has revealed he was present at the birth and watched the baby "shoot out".

Speaking at his Los Angeles home, he told OK! magazine: "He shot out like a rocket. There just aren't proper words to describe that feeling. It's indescribable. It was just, 'We have a son'!"

Zachary was mothered by a surrogate, but Elton and 48-year-old David are the youngster's legal parents.

Yet the multi-millionaire rocker emphasized the child would not be spoiled. He added: "I'm ready to have a child and lavish my love on our son and not spoil him."

Elton and David "wed" in 2005 after 12 years together and set their hearts on becoming fathers after a trip to a Ukraine orphanage. The identity of Zachary's biological father remains unknown.

It is believed the mother was implanted with an egg taken from a second woman and fertilized by one of the fathers.

The pregnancy was kept a closely-guarded secret, with Sir Elton and David only announcing they were parents in the New Year.

It is believed a financial settlement was reached with the mother, and that she will have no part in raising little Zachary.

David and Elton also made it clear that they would not give up on 26-month-old Ukrainian orphan Lev and his HIV-positive brother Artyom, four, whom they attempted to adopt.

The country does not recognize same-sex marriages and its laws deem Elton too old to legally care for the child.

But he has vowed to at least help the youngsters financially - and has not given up on finding them a loving home.


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