4:03 pm - 01/13/2011

GUESS WHO - Playboy Edition

As a young model, America's foremost wet dream Christina Hendricks posed for a trippy Playboy editorial, in which she donned a blonde wig and silver lamé bikini to romp with a greased-up Speedo model and a crazy clown.

According to Playboy blog The Smoking Jacket, Christina's photos accompanied a 1999 story about "summer shooters." (As in, the beverage. Though they kind of look like they're poisoning him, so "honeypot assassin" might also work.)

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_panache 13th-Jan-2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
Same happened to me. I started at a 32DD and am now barelyyyy holding onto a 32D. I'm in love with the Bombshell bra from Victoria's Secret. I feel entitled to that much padding since my boobs used to actually be that size.
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