10:17 am - 01/06/2011

Katy Perry to guest star on HIMYM

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Pop star Katy Perry will guest star on an episode of CBS hit show How I Met Your Mother later this season as a potential love interest for Josh Radnor's Ted, CBS said Thursday.

The episode, titled Oh Honey, will see her play Zoey's (Jennifer Morrison) cousin, described as "a beautiful, naive girl who the gang resorts to calling 'honey'."

"Katy is a tremendous talent and we are delighted to be able to work with her," said Carter Bays, co-creator and executive producer of the show.

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pixiedivision 6th-Jan-2011 03:23 pm (UTC)
it's sad that she cakes herself up so much, i guess it's because she needs to :/
screwhim 6th-Jan-2011 03:25 pm (UTC)

You should add "Bless her heart" in there somewhere.
pixiedivision 6th-Jan-2011 03:32 pm (UTC)
yeah, but i hate her
oh7 6th-Jan-2011 03:31 pm (UTC)
supernature_971 6th-Jan-2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
Katy is a tremendous talent

7thton 6th-Jan-2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
Will her boobs be there too?
gbeastly 6th-Jan-2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
If that photo is recent, it looks like they're on vacation.
screwhim 6th-Jan-2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
The episode, titled Oh Honey, will see her play Zoey's (Jennifer Morrison) cousin, described as "a beautiful, naive girl who the gang resorts to calling 'honey'."

alaynestone 6th-Jan-2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
My first thought was that post from a few days ago about the ESPN douche who called the other newscaster "sweetcakes."
certifieddork 6th-Jan-2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
I don't know if I'm more upset at her being on the show, or that the show really has gotten this terrible. Ugh.

But this sums it up:

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ben_superdetka 6th-Jan-2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
iawtc. now the show is just embarrassing really. i don't know why i still watch it
mollyj1993 6th-Jan-2011 04:50 pm (UTC)
Becasue like the rest of us, you can't stop watching until we have met the damn mother.
pink_dork 6th-Jan-2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
ritabites 6th-Jan-2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
they really let anyone on that show huh?
treatyoself 6th-Jan-2011 03:27 pm (UTC)

That's not even directed at Katy herself, but HIMYM really needs to drop it with the stunt casting of guest stars already.
jupitermoon 6th-Jan-2011 05:23 pm (UTC)
iawtc 100%
I used to love the show but now I'm just tired of all the guest stars and the weak plot. Meh...
ellie_andrews 6th-Jan-2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
jungsoo 6th-Jan-2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
ia, I don't always mind massive guest staring (Friends did it well) but when there's lack of storyline and when the writing is not funny anymore... it's really just annoying (himym/glee: same)
ryanchai 7th-Jan-2011 07:10 am (UTC)
agreed. it's starting to get as bad as will and grace. that show pretty much just made up stories to fit guest stars by the last few seasons. hopefully himym doesn't go that route
treatyoself 7th-Jan-2011 02:20 pm (UTC)
iawtc 100%
phillymademe 6th-Jan-2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
lol i thought her name on the show was going to be Zoey :P

awesome. i will definitely tune in for this :)
pixiedivision 6th-Jan-2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
yeah i thought that too for a sec, i thought it was going to be an ironic moment
hearditbothways 6th-Jan-2011 03:30 pm (UTC)
Not impressed.

luvthatdrtywata 6th-Jan-2011 03:31 pm (UTC)
Jason Segel needs to jump ship, he is too flawless for the mess this show has become.
igotpineappled 6th-Jan-2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
90skid 6th-Jan-2011 06:40 pm (UTC)
i can't think about him without feeling awkward after forgetting sarah marshall :|
ryanchai 7th-Jan-2011 07:11 am (UTC)
he seems like he's itching to leave, particularly in that GQ interview he gave.
gary_sinise_fan 6th-Jan-2011 03:33 pm (UTC)
NOOOOOOOOOOO keep your annoying ass away from HIMYM D:
velvetunicorn 6th-Jan-2011 06:37 pm (UTC)
I came here just to say this.
allhopelost88 6th-Jan-2011 08:21 pm (UTC)
seriously, ugh
last_archangel 6th-Jan-2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
I like this. The other pop stars on the show were entertaining.

But I don't have that inexplicable hatred for Katy Perry that everyone else seems to have.
bash18 6th-Jan-2011 03:40 pm (UTC)
Having hate for someone is serious business around here, lol. It can get scary.
gbeastly 6th-Jan-2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
My Hate is actually up 10 points today. Invest now.
mulholland 6th-Jan-2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
She needs to go away.
rubio_verde 6th-Jan-2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
Your icon is friggen scary. Thinking of The Ring..
rainwhore 6th-Jan-2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
Could be good. At the very least this might mean Zoey's not Ted's love interest (which is GOOD, because all the hints have been horrifying).
gee_whilaker 6th-Jan-2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
hints that ted and zoey are going to bang, or that zoey's gay? ...and could you tell me the hints, i haven't really noticed :)
rainwhore 6th-Jan-2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
Going to bang. The conflict, and the nature of the relationship, plus some extra-flirty moments... I dunno. I hope the writers aren't heading in that direction, because I like to think of Ted as someone who is above banging another man's wife, even if that man is Orson. Idk.
last_archangel 6th-Jan-2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
This this this!
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