Medical evidence shows proof of anal and vaginal rape in Kalimba's case

Someone's in deep shit...

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Follow up to this post. Apparently the case against singer Kalimba is strong after evidence of anal and vaginal rape was presented to authorities.

"The research by the state attorney general's office showed that there are two, and not just one minor, who were allegedly sexually abused by the singer on 19 December.
The attorney general, Francisco Alor, said, according to the testimony of several witnesses in addition to the 17 year old girl who originally claimed she was sexually assaulted, there is another girl of the same age, who was with her and was also victim of sexual abuse. keyword: witnesses.
"There is another girl who also was sexually assaulted and then she herself confirmed as part of her statement to the public prosecutor," he said.
The second girl did not report the facts out of fear, shame and guilt, the official said, because it was she who invited her friend (the complainant) to work as an aide during the event in Budah -Bar night club located in Chetumal, capital of Quintana Roo.
"Although she did not report it, it was established that she was also a victim of sexual abuse and it became part of the preliminary investigation pending Kalimba statement," said the official.The two minors were invited by a promoter who contacted one of them and offered them work as hostesses, without pay, arguing that their pay would be to hang out with the soloist. truly, an honor you see
The girls agreed and went on the night of December 19 bar. After the show at 6:00 am of the following day, the staff went to Marlon Hotel, where the singer was staying, to participate in a private meeting.
The assult took place in two different rooms.
According to the medical examination that was performed on the first girl who complained, there is evidence proving rape, vaginal and anal, as reported by Alor Quezada.
In the second case, the official said that the presence of alcohol in the other girl was used as advantage for the assault.
The singer's situation, the official said, is complicated, because there are several testimonies and evidence against him and the crime is serious, since the recent reforms to the Penal Code, approved by Congress in the state, sentenced to 25 to reach 50 years in prison and even imprisonment.
On the results of medical examination to the second complainant, no further details.

source: translated by me.

He deleted his previous tweets on the case (on the previous post) and here's the only tweet that's probably related to the case (he posted in English):

I keep my peace on top of what those who don't know me could say. But like I said. GOD is faithful, you'll all see! Be blessed.

Kalimba's twitter is here:

Seriously speechless. This guy seemed so harmless. And according to several TV shows in Mexico, there's a tape that clearly shows Kalimba and the DJ taking the drunk UNDERAGE girls inside their hotel rooms. He's fucked. The video is not online yet but I'll post it as soon as it's on youtube.