Clay Aiken's Boyfriend Naked on Grindr

Last Saturday we got our first look at photos of Clay Aiken and his new love interest Jeff Walters as the couple canoodled together at a Winter festival in Dallas, TX (where Walters lives). Today we get to see a few photos, one that is very NSFW, of Clay‘s new man in all his nekkid glory. As I understand it, Walters posted sexy/nude photos on Grindr (the “social networking” mobile phone app for gay men) to hook up with dudes before he met Clay … and some of those photos are now circulating on the Internets.

You may recall that we got to see a few hot photos from Walters‘s portfolio where he was modeling sexy underwear for 2(x)ist … but none of those photos gave any clue as to what Jeff was hiding inside those undies:

If you DARE, you can click the image above to see the uncensored image of Walters in all his very ample glory or you can click HERE to see the the photos at the extremely NSFW adult source site. It should be noted that the last totally nekkid photo does NOT feature Jeff Walters‘s face so it is in the realm of possibility that it is not him … but with an endowment, shall we say, such as this … well, I can’t see why he wouldn’t want to claim the photo as his. To be honest, I thought Clay was very lucky to have scored such a hottie when the previous photos came out … with these new photos, well, all I can say is … Well done, Clay!!

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