1:34 pm - 11/10/2010

Republicans and Democrats watch different stuff

'Modern Family,' a seemingly liberal show about a blended family -- with a gay couple and adopted kids -- is among the favorites of Republicans. Say what?

According to a new study by Experian Simmons, Republicans favor many of TV's biggest hits such as 'Modern Family,' 'American Idol' and 'Dancing With the Stars.' On the Democrat side, TV favorites include 'Dexter,' 'Mad Men' and 'The Good Wife.'

"The big shows with mass appeal tend to have above-average scores from Democrats and Republicans but with higher concentrations of Republicans," John Fetto, senior marketing manager at Experian Simmons, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Looking at the Democrats side, I don't mean to make light of it, but they seem to like shows about damaged people. Those are the kind of shows Republicans just stay away from."

Unsurprisingly, the top show for Republicans is 'Glenn Beck' and 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' for Democrats. But who knew Democrats favored 'Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami'?

Do Republicans control Nielsen ratings? It appears that way, with Democrats favoring smaller, cult-hit shows. But look at the opposing party scores: Many of these shows have close numbers among both parties.

The research suggest CBS programs, which are some of the biggest hits on TV, seem to reach across party lines. 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'The Good Wife' both attract similar numbers from both parties. The younger fare, like '90210' and 'Kourtney & Khloe' along with the niche cable shows such as 'Breaking Bad' and 'Mad Men' seem to have the biggest difference in viewers.


I only watch one show on those lists. (lol) Anyway, what do you like to watch, ONTD?
zoaster_toaster 10th-Nov-2010 06:08 pm (UTC)
I know, especially since Sheldon's so anti-creationist.
ben_superdetka 10th-Nov-2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
well, he's presented as the one we should laugh at. at how quirky, complicated and socially inept he is. while ~inferior characters are somewhat of the audience surrogates, who just roll their eyes and patronizingly laugh at Sheldon. so i fort of can see why republicans would love that show.
theartistprince 10th-Nov-2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
yeah, I can see that NBC vs. CBS thing.
miakun 10th-Nov-2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
How I Met Your Mother crosses all party lines by being amazing if you ignore last season.
enamored 10th-Nov-2010 07:15 pm (UTC)
harrypotter7 10th-Nov-2010 09:27 pm (UTC)
luvthatdrtywata 10th-Nov-2010 06:24 pm (UTC)
and Modern Family!!!

so typical. gay people can entertain them but they can't have their privileged straight white folk rights.
scarletfbl 10th-Nov-2010 06:37 pm (UTC)
pretty_hostel 10th-Nov-2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
So republicans hate laughter?
grammaire 10th-Nov-2010 07:21 pm (UTC)
I agree.

Though as for late night, I'd say Jay Leno is more lame Republican humour whereas David Letterman is actually good.
velvetunicorn 10th-Nov-2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
I was wondering about TBBT too. That surprises me.
rpduckie19 10th-Nov-2010 08:07 pm (UTC)

It is kinda confusing why Republicans would be attracted to TBBT, though. Granted, it gets good ratings, and the parentheses say it's not a whole lot lower on the Democrat side, so it's not THAT stunning, I suppose.

Plus, party self-identification (if that's what this is, which is what I assume) changes amongst a lot of people who may not actually be registered to a party or may not have a whole lot of party loyalty even if they are registered one way or another. Ask this two years ago/two years from now, people will identify differently.
pomoluese 10th-Nov-2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
That's just proof that republicans don't actually understand sitcoms. They just say they watch them to seem like they have a sense of humor
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