Halloween Costume Contest Submission Post

OK, ONTD, IT'S TIME! Comment with a photo of your costume from this year! (Remember, you gotta have a photo with an ONTD sign in order to be eligible to win!)

This year's prizes are:

- 1st place: $200 to Amazon
- 2nd place: $50 to Amazon
- 3rd place: $50 to Amazon
- Top 15 receive 1000 LJ Tokens

Submissions will close WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2010 5PM PST. After it's closed, the mods will pick the top 15 entries and create a poll for ONTD to vote on!

Comments are screened, please do not comment with anything other than your contest entry.  

All OT comments/non-entries will be deleted and you will be banned.

After the poll is created, you will have your chance to comment on everyone's costume & post yours if you're not entering the contest.

There have been a couple of concerns when it comes to submissions:

- You can not photoshop anything. It has to be a photo of YOU in YOUR costume. (No face blurring, c'mon you're in COSTUME)
- You MUST have an ONTD sign. If you didn't take a photo with an ONTD sign in costume, you have until Wednesday to do it.
- This is an international contest, all regions are welcome to enter.