Heidi Montag is Apparently a Bad Daughter


The drama never ends with this family! Heidi Montag’s estranged mom, Darlene Egelhoff, opened up to Inside Edition Oct. 28 about her tough financial plight.

Apparently, while her 24-year-old daughter was bringing in at least $65,000 an episode starring on The Hills, she was forced to clean houses to make ends meet. However, the Colorado mom tries to keep an upbeat attitude, and even talked about how it feels when her clients recognize her from her appearances on the reality show.

“That’s very humbling for me and I very much appreciate that experience because I don’t ever want to get full of myself and think I’m too good to do anything,” she said.

Darlene and Heidi stopped talking almost a year ago after Darlene criticized Heidi for getting too much plastic surgery. According to Darlene, she never told Heidi about her financial issues.