It's that time of year again - ONTD's costume contest! Here's how it's gonna work:

On November 1, a post will be made where you can comment with a picture of yourself in this year's Halloween costume holding an ONTD sign. (Comments will be screened!) After submissions close, the mods will pick the top 15 costumes for a poll where ONTDrs can vote for their favorite. After the poll is closed and winner announced, we'll unscreen the comments on the submission post for everyone to enjoy.

In the past, we've given out prize packages picked by mods, which is fun...but this year we're upping the prizes:

This year we're giving a $200 gift card to Amazon for first place, $50 Amazon gift cards for two runner ups and 1000 LJ Tokens to the top 15 entrants.

I will try to address as many questions as I can in the comments, but more details/rules will be included in the submission post!

Edit: Prizes are in US dollars, but the contest is international.
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