Is This Really Mike The Situation's D**k?

WAIT, I’m confused. A whore blasted the Jersey Shore ab-flasher, and recently ousted Dancing With the Stars dark horse, for being a lousy lay and claimed his dickus is “pinky”, but judging by these pictures–not only does he have a great manicure–but I can see the situation in his pants reminds me of something like a whistle in a Cracker Jack box: Sometimes you just have to pull it out and blow on it.

He was also chatted up on Nightline and explained he’s more than just Michaelangelo’s sliced marble, “I work very hard on my body, and I’m not just known for my six-pack or my body,” he said. “I also believe that I have pretty good camera presence. … Those one-liners, those are not practiced. They just come out naturally.”

Oh, and “The Situation” persona is all some sort of big, money-making act. “It is a part of my personality, but not the full circle,” he said. “That character that you see is ‘The Situation.’ It’s not Michael Sorrentino. You’re seeing ‘The Situation,’ almost like Clark Kent and Superman.”

ONTD, you decide...