Teen Mom's Amber: Cheating Monster

1043cover.jpgThroughout the second season of MTV's Teen Mom, viewers have been horrified by Amber Portwood's violent behavior and reckless parenting. Now, Life & Style has learned Amber has cheated on Gary -- Amber's on-again, off-again fiancee and the father of her 23 month old daughter, Leah -- at least twice and admitted it to him!

"When she and Gary break up," she usually starts seeing someone else," a friend of Gary's tells Life & Style. "She's even dated people while she and Gary are still together! There have been a couple of times where she's snuck a guy out of the house through a window so Gary wouldn't catch them," the friend claims. "She finally came clean about one of the guys she had snuck out the window," says the friend. "She told him there was someone else after that, too."

Another shocking revelation? Amber has, in the past, left baby Leah unattended while she's fought outside with neighbors. On April 10 of this year, she came to blows with neighbor Tiffany Harless over a parking spot. The violence was so escalated, police had to be called. All the while, Harless tells Life & Style, baby Leah was in the house by herself. Her child was upstairs the whole time by herself," Harless tells Life & Style. "No one else was coming or going out of that house and no one was looking out for the baby."