Cecilia Cheung Sex Pictures Because Chinese Celebrities Have Sex Tape Scandals Too!


My oral surgeon, Dr. Thatchery Wu, has been guiding not only my dental realignment, but also my ongoing exploration of Asian hotties from mysterious lands (and when you got a 'D' in geography, most every land is mysterious). In between bouts of Dr. Wu re-enacting scenes from The Marathon Man inside my oral cavity, I had the opportunity to ask the Hong Kong born mail-order doctor who some of the biggest hottie female stars were back in the home country. His first and only answer: Cantonese actress and singer, Cecilia Cheung.

It was not until I returned to my private lair, the House of One Thousand Dirty Socks, that I got my first whiff of the evil Dr. Wu's maddening inception. For after leafing through a number of very delightful modeling photos of the fetching Cecilia Cheung, I come to learn that Ms. Cheung is at the center of a 2008 sex photo scandal involving Edison Chen, some Chinese-Canadian actor dude who knocked boots with half of Hong Kong's sexy celebs and took wicked photos while doing so. (Let's take a brief pause from this post for a virtual high five for Mr. Chen. Seriously, dude, big ups.)

Of course, these photos got out on the Internet and the Chinese government arrested like everybody in Hong Kong who owned a computer and then proceeded to slaughter 10,000 cows. Not sure what the cows did, but it's just a standard response from the Chinese government when their panties get in a bunch. Still, what tyrants always fail to recognize is that information in the information age is like sand through the fingers, you can't contain it, especially vital information such as, oh, these Cecilia Cheung sex photos



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