Billie Joe Armstrong makes his Broadway debut, has time of his life while doing so.

Tonight Billie Joe Armstrong replaced American Idiot's Tony Vincent on stage in the role of St. Jimmy (Vincent is taking a two week leave). Luckily, I was in the audience tonight and managed to snag a few video clips of Billie's standout performance. You know it's going to be a goodnight when your trip to the theater doubles as a Green Day concert.

The St. Jimmy clip is pretty shaky for the first 20 seconds (I was attempting to find creative ways in which to film without my camera showing, lol) but it evens out after that.

A small "acting" scene.

Finale featuring Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).

The cast was fantastic and Billie Joe was great... I mean would you expect anything less? They are his songs after all, lol. His part didn't require much dancing, which saddened me slightly since I was hoping to see him slightly out of his usual element. The crowd was beyond excited for his appearance and would errupt into cheers anytime time his character was on stage. This led to quite a few extended awkward pauses by the cast, but were funny none the less.
After the show my friend and I headed down backstage, she knew the drummer in the show and we both wanted to congratulate him on a great show (and maybe catch a glimpse of Billie Joe). We met quite a few of the cast but decided to leave once her friend had to pack up his drums. We didn't realize that we were walking out the performers exit and wandered right out onto the "red carpet" into a barrage of fans and camera waiting for Billie Joe wondering who the hell we were, hah.
After we left we realized we probably could have waited back there and met him but we kind of felt awkward hanging back there without her friend since it was most family and producers. Regardless it was a great show (despite the lack of a real story line and dialogue, haha) and we had a good time.

The cast thanks you for your time!

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